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Last Resort Music - String Trio Music, Violin Duets and Mixed Instrument Arrangements

Welcome to Last Resort Music

Last Resort Music is an American sheet music publisher specializing in Mixed Instrument Arrangements.  What do we mean by Mixed Instrument Arrangements?  Pretty much any combination of Mixed Instrument Arrangements you could throw at us!  String Duets, String Trio Music, String Quartet Music, Violin Duets, Violin and Cello Duets, Violin and Viola Duets, Violin and Clarinet Duets, Viola and Cello Duets, Woodwind Duets, Flute Duets, Flute and Cello Duets, Flute and Clarinet Duets, Clarinet Duets, Clarinet Trios, Clarinet Quartets, Sax Trios, Sax Quartets, Trumpet Duets, French Horn Duets, Trombone Duets, Brass Quartets, Trumpet with String Trio, Piano Trios, Piano Quartets, Woodwind Quintets, Flute Quartets, Cello Quartets, and on and on with the possibilities.  We publish Christmas Music, Wedding Music, Jewish Music, Sacred Music, Holiday Music, Recital Music, FUN music, Contemporary Music, Music for Professionals, Music for Amateurs, Intermediate Music for Students, Brass Music, String Music, Woodwind Music and, of course, the Mixed Instrument Arrangements that incorporate almost any instrument with any other instrument. And did we mention the String Trio Music and Violin Duets?No doubt you’ve noticed that the best of Mixed Instrument Arrangements is what we publish.  Hope you enjoy yourself, and enjoy the Sheet Music as well!!