• Hatzlacha Rabbah!!! for Viola 40057

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Hatzlacha Rabbah!!! Op. 23
for Viola & Piano 40057
Composed by George N. Gianopoulos


An innovative new work for Viola & Piano by composer George N. Gianopoulos...he writes: "My Op. 23, ‘Hatzlacha Rabbah!!!,’ was written as a graduation present for two friends and colleagues, Ariana Solotoff and Jenni Seo. Using Ms. Solotoff’s Jewish heritage as a vehicle for inspiration, I crafted Hebraic-tinged folk melodies and embraced the harmonic language and accompanimental patterns to capture the character of the ancient Israelite. As these two very talented violists embarked on their journey to Julliard for undergraduate studies, I wanted to wish them the best of luck and named the piece after the Hebrew phrase ‘Hatzlacha Rabbah,’ translated “Too Much Success.” I quickly re-arranged the work to the very practical and effective viola and piano combination." 

George N. Gianopoulos (b. 1984) known colloquially as Nick, began his musical study at age eighteen upon entering college. Enraptured by his first course, an Introduction to the World of Music, George immersed himself in the studies of classical music; the theory, the repertoire, the performance and the history. He immediately began taking group piano lessons and within a semester advanced to private lessons with Dr. Robert M. Auler. Throughout his tutelage he also undertook the art of pedagogy, developing a private piano studio of twelve students as well as working as a church pianist and organist. After four years of intense study, George gave a senior recital that included performances of works by Mozart, Schumann, Rachmaninoff and Chopin as well as faculty performances of original compositions.

A native of Syracuse, New York and now a resident of Los Angeles, Gianopoulos’ music has been performed throughout Europe and America, including performances in China, Israel, Spain, England and Greece and regular performances in Southern California. George has been commissioned by The Glendale Philharmonic, The Chamber Opera Players of Los Angeles, The Symbiosis Ensemble, The Helix Collective, The Akropolis Quintet and the Malkin-Trybeck Duo, among others. His music has been performed by members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Mr. Gianopoulos is the currently the Composer-in-Residence for the Los Angeles based Symbiosis Ensemble and concert series Music @ MiModa.

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Hatzlacha Rabbah!!! for Viola 40057

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