About Us

Last Resort Music is a family-owned sheet music publisher based in Los Angeles, California.  Our initial publications, the first two volumes of the now-renowned Music for Three, were published in 1996.  Realizing quickly that we had stumbled upon something that was not only needed but at which we excelled in creating, we incorporated in 1997.  From those first two volumes has sprung over 12,000 arrangements!  We now publish solo books, same-instrument and mixed-instrumentation duets, and a veritable treasure trove of trios, quartets and quintets.  From Sacred music to wedding standards, Christmas favorites through Jewish and Klezmer music, Baroque and Classical music through light pop, all of Last Resort Music's publications hew to the very highest standards of arranging. 

All owners and employees of Last Resort Music are professional or amateur musicians.  Between us, we perform on the violin, cello, flute (and there are four flutists!!  Who actually get along....), oboe, piano and French horn.  Collectively, we also own banjos, ocarinas, ukuleles, recorders, Wagner tubas, Victrolas and more.  Other than the Victrola, most of these last few aren't played that often.


We hope you enjoy the music!