Collection No. 3: Tangos!

Set of Parts + Score #57003

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Set Includes the following Parts 

Part 1 - Flute or Oboe or Violin 
Part 2 - Flute or Oboe or Violin
Part 2 - Viola
Part 2 - Clarinet in Bb
Part 3 - Cello or Bassoon 
Keyboard or Guitar with chord symbols

Available as Separate Parts 
Part 1 Clarinet in Bb *DD  $5.00
Part 3 Bass Clarinet in Bb *DD  $5.00
Score (Parts 1-3 in C) *DD  $10.00
   *DD - Parts available by Digital Download Only

An incredible collection of tangos, arranged for strings, woodwinds and piano, including El Choclo, La Paloma, Brejeiro and more! These mix and match trios allow the performer to pick the instrumentation. A versatile must-have for any musician, Music for Three is perfect for weddings, recitals, concerts, and any chamber music gatherings.The keyboard/guitar part encompasses both parts 2 and 3. Therefore, the arrangements could be played as a piano trio, or an entire trio can play with a pianist - as long as Part 1 is being played.   

Table of Contents
Brejeiro (Nazareth) 
El Choclo (Villordo) 
La Paloma - The Dove (Yradier) 
Tango (Ferrer) 
Tango (Tarrega) 
Tango de Tres Danzas Andaluzas (Turina)

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Music for Three - Collection No. 3: Tangos! - 57003 Printed Sheet Music

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