• Music for Four - Volume 3 - Part 4 Cello or Bassoon 70341FS

Table of Contents
Grande Valse Brillante from Waltz in Eb Major, Op. 18 (Chopin) 
Minute Waltz from Waltz in Db Major, Op. 64 #1 (Chopin) 
Waltz from Waltz in C# Minor, Op. 64 #2 (Chopin) 
Valse Lente from Coppelia (Delibes) 
Waltz from Faust (Gounod) 
Bethena  from A Concert Waltz (Joplin) 
The Easy Winners, from A Ragtime Two-Step (Joplin) 
Elite Syncopations (Joplin) 
The Entertainer (Joplin) 
Maple Leaf Rag (Joplin) 
Pine Apple Rag (Joplin) 
The Ragtime Dance from A Stop-Time Two-Step (Joplin) 
Solace from A Mexican Serenade (Joplin) 
The Strenuous Life  from A Ragtime Two-Step (Joplin) 
The Junk Man Rag (Roberts) 
The Music Box Rag (Roberts) 
Artist's Life from Kunstler-Leben, Op. 316 (Strauss) 
Beautiful Blue Danube, On the (Strauss) 
An der schonen blauen Donau, Op. 314 (Strauss) 
Emperor Waltz from Kaiserwalzer, Op. 437 (Strauss) 
Tales from the Vienna Woods (Strauss) 
Geschichten aus dem Wiener-Wald, Op. 325 (Strauss) 
Vienna Life from Wiener Blut, Op. 354 (Strauss) 
You and You from Die Fledermaus, Op. 367 (Strauss) 
Waltz from Album for the Young (Tschaikovsky) 
Estudiantina from Suite de Valses, Op. 191 (Waldteufel) 
The Skaters Waltz from Les Patineurs, Op. 183 (Waldteufel)

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Music for Four, Volume 3 - Rags & Waltzes
Part 4 for Cello or Bassoon #70341
Factory 2nd

25 Fantastic arrangements for quartet with flexible instrumentation including composers like Brahms, Chopin, Joplin, Delibes, Strauss and more! 

Perfect for String Quartet, Wind Quartet, Piano Quartet, Sax Quartet, & More! The keyboard/guitar part encompasses parts 2, 3 and 4. Therefore, the arrangements could be played as a piano quartet, or an entire quartet could play with a pianist - as long as Part 1 is being played. 

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Music for Four - Volume 3 - Part 4 Cello or Bassoon 70341FS

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