FAQ - About Our Music

Last Resort Music - About Our MusicIs the Intermediate series easier or harder than the other series?
Our Intermediate series was designed to begin easier than the other series, and to progress to the level of the original series. However, our Intermediate books include different repertoire and can be used along with the original series.

What is the grade level of your music?
On a scale of 1-6 our music ranges from 2-5 depending on the repertoire.  Our books are not designed for absolute beginners.  

What if I have an odd instrumentation and I cannot figure out which books to order?
Call or email us!  We specialize in catering to almost any instrumentation. If you cannot find it let us help!  Our customer service hours are not always standard, but we will get back to you as soon as possible!  We are closed on Tuesdays, and because all of our employees are working musicians as well, we occasionally close early.  We apologize if this happens!

Do you have any saxophone music?
 Yes!  We have saxophone trios and quartets in our Intermediate Music for Three and Intermediate Music for Four Series. 

Can I see the music before I buy it? 
 Yes, our local dealers are always happy to let you peruse our titles.  Most of our product listings feature samples and audio files. If you don't see what you need, call or email us!