Digital Download Instructions!


Playing chamber music with others in 2020 has rapidly become a critical topic in the music industry, in online musical forums, and in many of the emails we've received lately. While physical sheet music is undoubtedly harmless, we thought we would share the best way to download digital parts. This process can not only be challenging, but depending on technology, tricky even for those with much experience in digital delivery. 

There are a few obvious guidelines right from the outset. These apply to ANY publisher or retail store! 

Some products are single downloads, these are easy! But many chamber music products feature a dropdown menu with a mandatory part selection (within that dropdown menu). Choose your first part! Then, additional parts can be chosen using the checkboxes below. Make sure not to accidentally reorder that original part in the checkboxes!

Before finalizing and paying for an order, double-check your cart for duplicates!!

And then (sigh!) double-check your cart to ensure you have selected the correct instrumentation.

Again, these general instructions should apply no matter which company you purchase music from.
a) Log into your account on the website of the publisher/store.
b) Under MY ACCOUNT (usually in the top menu bar), choose DOWNLOADS from the drop-down menu, and you will be directed to the ACCOUNT DOWNLOADS page.
c) Choose the download(s) from your most recent order. On the Last Resort Music website, each download can be saved 2 times to your computer or device before expiring.
d) Click the DOWNLOAD icon for the desired file. Choose where you would like this file to be saved on your device.
e) Note the name (and/or number) of the download. If needed, this is the key to finding it on your electronic device! 

And NOW for the TRICKY PART! 
Yep, iPads and computers and phones and tablets are the new constant in pretty much everyone's life. And yet... downloading new content can become a frustrating challenge. Many times, a recently downloaded file seems like it disappears into nothingness. 

In reality, though, your files are probably parked in a folder somewhere, usually the DOWNLOADS folder, or the last location to which a file was downloaded previously. Run a SEARCH on the entire device using the name (and/or number) of the download. Ideally, the file will then show up in the search, and can be moved wherever you want. 

Open the file and (hopefully with a friend or family member!) begin enjoying the music.

Many players prefer to print the download, thus creating their own physical sheet music. If using a printer at home, a part can either be spiral-bound (if one is fortunate enough to have a binding machine), or 3-hole-punched to fit easily into a standard 3-ring binder. A download can also be brought to any local copy store, where it can be printed and bound quickly and cheaply.