About Our Music 
•Is the Intermediate series easier or harder than the other series?
What is the grade level of your music?
What if I have an odd instrumentation and I cannot figure out which books to order?
Do you have saxophone music?
Can I see the music before I buy it? 

About Music for Two, Three, or Four
Do I need to buy two copies of a duet book?
Are the 
Duets for Two Like Instruments interchangable?
Are the parts for Music for Three and Music for Four interchangable?
Does Music for Two have a keyboard part?
How many parts do I need to order for Music for Three or Music for Four?
Do you have music for piano trio? 

About Our T-Shirts
How do the t-shirts fit?

About Recording & Licensing

• I would like to record one of the Last Resort Music Arrangements to sell at local stores.  Do I need to fill out a form or pay a licensing fee? 

Coupon Code Help
We occasionally offer discounts...do you need help?


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